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Wildfire Innovations Inc. (WFI) was founded by Don Hallett, because he was twice evacuated from wildfires and these traumas are forever burned into his mind. 

Don started his career as a Red Seal CSA welding technologist and ASME pipe welder. He was one of the few to be insured with “Hot Tap” experience. Don gained 25+ years of industrial experience working and supervising in the boreal forest, including mountainous and cliff-side terrain.  Later on, Don became a CSA Certified Welding Inspector and a National Construction Safety Officer.   


Working for energy utility companies as a QA/QC & Safety Manager exposed Don to wildfire situations over his career.   This inspired Don to use his farm boy smarts to design, test and patent an entirely new niche wildfire suppression technology,  


Don, and the company's mission, is to protect all life, natural habitats and critical assets from wildfires.

RainStream™ towers can reduce ground temperture in wildfire risk zones by over 25F or 15C
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